Friday, September 21, 2012

End of Watch

Every time I think there's nowhere else to go with the gritty cop drama genre, another one comes along that blows me away.  Last year that movie was 'Rampart' starring Woody Harrelson, giving one of his many brilliant performances of late.  This year it's 'End of Watch' from writer/director David Ayer ('Training Day').

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena star as partners in the L.A.P.D. patrolling the worst areas of south Los Angeles, and both wearing mini cameras on their lapels to secretly film their day to day activities.  (And thus it's another documentary-style shaky camera film.  Personally I'd prefer it if they didn't feel the need to have the camera be so shaky all the time, but it is refreshing to have a documentary style film not be a horror movie for a change.)  Nevertheless, there's not much room for complaints here.  This is one tense, gritty film that reminds me never to become a police officer.  It's brutal.  And it also reminds me how good a relatively low budget, super-tense film can be.

Grade: A

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