Friday, September 7, 2012

For a Good Time, Call...

What do you do if you're two attractive young girls who can't make the rent in pricy New York City?  (No, not prostitution, this comedy is only rated R.)  Phone sex!

First of all, in case the poster hasn't tipped you off, let me point out the obvious ... this is not a movie targeted to straight men.  The target demographic is clearly women and gay men.  This one's for the 'Sex and the City' crowd, and for that audience it will surely entertain.  There wasn't an overwhelming amount of laughter in the audience, particularly at the beginning, but there was enough sprinkled throughout to warrant a recommendation to the right audience.  I certainly laughed here and there and it was an easy enough watch.  I just wish the cast were better and the storyline were a little more unpredictable.  For me it was a bit too cheap and easy and I just didn't feel good about myself the next morning.

Grade: C+ 

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