Friday, September 21, 2012

Trouble with the Curve

'Trouble with the Curve' is one of those movies that at first glance looks like Grade A Oscar bait.  For one thing, it brings Oscar darling Clint Eastwood out of his rumored retirement from acting.  (In 2008 he said that 'Gran Torino' would probably be his swan song.  Now his infamous schtick at the Republican Convention may be.)  But also, it just has that look and feel like a movie that should be taken seriously.  Yet it's hard to do that because it's really just a hodgepodge of other well received films.  It's one part 'Moneyball', one part 'Gran Torino', one part 'Million Dollar Baby', one part 'The Rookie', etc...  And it's also one movie cliche after another.  Eastwood plays the cranky, grizzled old baseball scout who thinks computers are a fad and have no business in Baseball.  His daughter, played by Amy Adams, is that stunningly beautiful woman who has no time for men or play of any kind because she's so career driven and focused on becoming partner in her law firm.  And, of course, the two of them have a sorely damaged relationship that needs nothing less than Dr. Phil to come to the rescue.  And then throw in Justin Timberlake as the one man who can finally penetrate Adams' walls around her heart.  Unfortunately everything feels more than a little forced.  But I can't deny it's still a watchable film.  The cast is good, it's shot well, and it'll be a crowd pleaser.  So if you're not as hard to please as I am you'll probably adequately enjoy yourself.  I did, despite all of my issues with it.

Grade: B- 

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