Friday, October 5, 2012


As regular readers know, when it comes to animation I'm generally not a fan.  But my exceptions to that are Pixar films and the films of Tim Burton.  There's just something about Burton's movies, both live action and animation, that I find so enjoyable.  In some ways they're comfort food, because they all have his signature style and you pretty much know what you're gonna get.  But in other ways, they're all so original and fresh feeling.  'Frankenweenie' is a feature length version of Burton's short film from 1984, a family friendly comedic twist on the classic Frankenstein.  (Think 'Nightmare Before Christmas' meets 'Young Frankenstein').  And, of course it features the same stop motion animation we all love from 'Nightmare' and 'Corpse Bride'.  Bottom line:  If you like Burton's films then you'll definitely like 'Frankenweenie'.  It's clever, stylish, sweet, and short.  And it's alive.  It's Alive!  IT'S ALIVE!!

Grade: B

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  1. This review made me chuckle. Huge Burton fan but since his animated files have his signature style I'm always concerned it's just a copy of Nightmare. I'll trust you and try to check this out!