Friday, October 12, 2012

Here Comes the Boom

What are the three scariest words in movies today?  Happy Madison Productions.

Adam Sandler produced this painfully predictable film, starring regular collaborators Kevin James and Henry Winkler as teachers who need to raise money to save the music program at their school.  (Seriously?  I kid you not.)  So James resorts to earning money the old fashioned way ... Mixed Martial Arts competitions!  Salma Hayek co-stars as the object of James' affection.  (Seriously?  Are we supposed to buy this pairing?)

I can't believe I'm saying this but while watching this movie I was actually waxing nostalgic about last year's 'Warrior' which I originally dismissed as late night cable fare, but suddenly I'm thinking maybe I was too hard on it.  And OK, perhaps I'm being a tad harsh here as well.  I'll freely admit that the entire audience was laughing and cheering throughout.  So Sandler and co. may have a crowd pleaser on their hands.  If you like 'comfort food' films, this one may be exactly what your doctor ordered.  And truthfully, I didn't think it was horrendous.  (It was certainly better than 'The Zookeeper', for which I even created new rules for Sandler and James.)  It's simply a safe, non-offensive, paint-by-numbers waste of 105 minutes.  Boom.

Grade: C-

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