Friday, October 12, 2012

In Theaters Now

Looking to head to the theater this weekend, but don't know what to see?  Here are my grades at a glance:

(Newest releases are in green)

The Master                         Grade: A

Looper                                 Grade: A

Sleepwalk with Me            Grade: A

Won't Back Down              Grade: A

Perks of Being a Wallflower    Grade: A

End of Watch                     Grade: A

Seven Psychopaths            Grade: A

Argo                                    Grade: A-

The Oranges                       Grade: A-

Arbitrage                             Grade: A-

Butter                               Grade: B+

Sinister                             Grade: B

Frankenweenie                Grade: B

Pitch Perfect                    Grade: B

Trouble With the Curve     Grade: B-

Searching for Sugar Man         Grade: C+

The Possession                      Grade: C

Here Comes the Boom         Grade: C-

Dredd 3D                               Grade: C-

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