Friday, December 7, 2012

Playing for Keeps

Is it just me or are some turds really easy to see coming?  Red Flag #1:  Gerard Butler starring in a romantic comedy.  Red Flag # 2: A bevy of attractive B-list women supporting him.  Red Flag #3:  Uncreative, trite, meaningless title.  Red Flag # 4: See #1.

Well, sometimes I'm wrong, but sometimes I'm right on, and I was right on the mark with this one.  Butler plays a former soccer star, ex-husband to Jessica Biel, and unpresent father, who now sits around in his underwear and desperately needs a shave.  But guess what?  He's about to turn his life around when he starts coaching his kid's soccer team, all the while being embarrassingly drooled over by the aforementioned bevy of attractive B-list women, including Judy Greer, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Uma Thurman.  It's 'Bad News Bears' meets 'Loverboy' but without all that charm, good acting, and clever writing.  Butler has the charisma (and physique) of a caveman (and the ungroomed facial hair doesn't help).  Despite trying really, really hard, I honestly couldn't stay awake.  And after what seemed like a pretty long nap, it still felt like a lifetime until this cornball rom-com ended, exactly as I suspected it would.  And yet, those who love comfort food, phony, feel-good movies will probably still adore it.  Yuck.

Grade: D+


  1. Has Gerard Butler ever even been in a good movie? He seems like a guy who would beat up his own fans. "Hey kid, you liked 300? Want an autograph? How about a Hertz Donut instead? Bam! Hurts Don't it?"

  2. I love a good rom-com and I saw the preview for this last night and thought "Ugh". Good to know I can definitely skip this.

  3. Definately skip it Taralyn, if you want to see a good G.Butler romantic movie, rent Dear Frankie. CK - I thought he was excellent in How to Train Your Dragon, haha.

  4. Ha, that's a good one, CK!

    Butler's excellent in Guy Ritchie's 'RocknRolla'. Love that movie! And I enjoyed him in 'Law Abiding Citizen' and 'Shattered'. But generally speaking, his movies are disasters. And yet he has six upcoming films in some stage of development. Amazing.