Friday, December 28, 2012

Promised Land

Certain actors are pretty much always bankable for great quality entertainment.  George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and pretty much anyone from the Ocean's 11 cast are generally bankable for great quality entertainment.  And Matt Damon is surely one of those people.

Here Damon plays a slick natural gas salesman adept at getting small town folks to agree to drilling under their property in return for some quick cash upfront and promises of great fortune when (or more likely if) they find what they're looking for.  Frances McDormand plays his partner in crime, and John Krasinski plays an environmentalist doing whatever it takes to oppose them.

On the surface this is a message film about 'fracking' (not be confused with 'frakking' from Battlestar Galactica.)  And message films can be a bit preachy for me.  But this one's done really well showing all sides of the debate, and doing so in an uncorny fashion.  And both Damon and Krasinski are at the top of their games.  And it's great to see at age 87 Hal Holbrook is still gettin' it done in the acting department, as a small town teacher who goes head to head in the debate against Damon.  All in all it's a very entertaining drama.

Grade: A

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