Friday, December 7, 2012

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas

Regular readers of my blog know that I'm a big Edward Burns fan.  Like his idol Woody Allen, Burns makes low budget, character driven films that, when done right, are better than any $100M blockbuster movie.  However, like Allen, some of his films are hits and some are misses.  (Both of them seem to follow every good one with a bad one and vice versa, e.g. 'To Rome with Love' following 'Midnight in Paris'.)  Burns' last film 'Newlyweds' was my favorite since its sister film 'Sidewalks of New York'.  Unfortunately, he followed it up with 'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas', a holiday drama as corny as its title.  With a largely overlapping cast and a similar vibe to his debut, 'The Brothers McMullen', Burns was looking to return to his roots growing up in a large Irish Catholic family in New York.  But every relationship in the movie feels forced and cliche and not unlike one of those Brady reunion films when drama was high and things weren't so peachy keen.  I held out hope that the end would make it all worthwhile, but quite the contrary.  It was like watching a special on the Hallmark channel.  Yeeecch.  Quite frankly I'm extremely disappointed, but nevertheless I'll still welcome Burns' next film with open arms.

'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas' is now available on Video on Demand and will in limited release in theaters.  (But I strongly recommend either 'Sidewalks of New York' or 'Newlyweds' instead.)

Grade: C-

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