Saturday, January 19, 2013


Chris Messina is undeniably one of the most underappreciated stars of the last few years, showing up in more movies than most ('28 Hotel Rooms', 'Argo', 'Ruby Sparks', 'Celeste and Jesse Forever', and 'The Giant Mechanical Man' to name a few) and consistently providing solid and diverse performances.  Here he makes his screenwriting debut, as well as co-stars in this ensemble 'Big Chill'-esque drama, about a man returning home to Massachusetts for his father's funeral after a long time away, and reuniting with old friends.  The strong ensemble cast includes fellow prolific actors Rich Sommer (who most would recognize from 'Mad Men') and Sarah Paulson (most known for her solid work in TV as well).  This is unfortunately not one of Messina's best, but it's got some good characters that really have potential.  But, sadly it doesn't offer the payoff it should.  I rarely say this, but at only 85 minutes this one's too short.  It sorely needs a third act.
You can see 'Fairhaven' now on Video on Demand, and in very limited release in theaters.
Grade: B

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