Sunday, January 20, 2013


If you've been paying attention to movie news lately you might have heard that the disgrace of lowest grossing film at the box office in 2012 went to 'Playback' starring Christian Slater.  It reportedly cost $7.5M and only grossed $264 at the box office.  (Not $264 million or thousand, mind you, but a mere $264!)  How could a picture gross that little, you ask?  It happens frequently actually.  Reportedly, per the Screen Actors Guild, low budget films can pay their actors less if the film gets a theatrical release.  And sometimes it's even in the contract that a film will get some sort of theatrical release.  But if the studio doesn't ultimately want to spend the money for a legitimate limited release it will open a film quietly in one theater for one week with no publicity or marketing whatsoever.  So, with no marketing and opening only in one theater, how much can you expect a movie to gross?
Of course, all publicity is good publicity, and the fact that this film made so little actually made me want to see it.  So I coughed up $3.99 on VOD.  And you know what?  It ain't great.  But I've certainly seen worse.  On one hand it's kind of your typical low budget horror film, emulating more successful horror films.  It's 'The Ring' meets 'Scream', if you will.  But it's mildly enjoyable in parts, and it's clearly made by film lovers for film lovers.  Plus, I have to take a moment to defend Christian Slater.  I've always been a fan, and he's getting a lot of bad press lately for starring in a lot of duds.  And I can't completely defend him, because it's pretty true.  But he's also still every bit as good as he ever was.  In my opinion, he's one great script away from being back on top.  Mark my words:  Christian Slater will be back.   #ClarenceAndAlabamaForever
Grade: C

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