Tuesday, January 1, 2013

State of the Blog

Happy New Year! Like last year, I figured I'd start the year off with a 'State of the Blog' keeping you up to date on all things 'Flieder on Film' and 'Flieder's Flicks'.

2012 was a busy year. I saw around 469 movies, comprised of 268 new releases (193 of which I saw in the theater), 24 of which I re-watched a second time at home, and 177 older films.  I published 289 blog posts including reviews of over 175 films, as well as my weekly list of what to see in theaters, ranked from best to worst.  And, of course, over the last week I have been posting my comprehensive Best and Worst of the year lists.

I also posted my regular Friday morning appearances on Good Day on FOX 35 in Orlando. To date I've been on 105 times over the last two and a quarter years.  I can't thank my friends at FOX 35 enough for having me on and their support, particularly David Martin, Amy Kaufeldt, John Brown, Stephanie Cowen Eisenberg, Vincent Postiglione, and Paulo Almeida.  They're all the greatest!  And many thanks to the folks at FOX 29 for allowing me to intrude on them every Friday morning and being so helpful and friendly.

In March, I had my debut appearance on Good Day on FOX 29 in Philadelphia, appearing in the studio with regular anchors Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones, discussing 'The Hunger Games'.  It was an honor to be invited on, and all the feedback I got was favorable, yet sadly, they never invited me back.  Maybe in 2013?

Of course, I am still an active and proud member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association. This is truly an honor, as the BFCA is the largest film critics organization in the U.S. and Canada, with only a little over 270 TV, radio, and online broadcast film critics. You can check out my profile by clicking here.  Being a member of the BFCA is truly the best perk of being a film critic.  As a member, I am a voter of the Critics Choice Awards, which airs live on Thursday, January 10th on the CW.  I strongly encourage you to watch it!  Unlike the voters of the Oscars, my colleagues in the BFCA actually see pretty much everything released. So who better to select the truly best of the year?  Plus, it's packed with A-list celebrities and entertainment.  Please tell your friends.  It's very important to me as a member that the show gets good ratings.  I attended the awards show in person last year, but decided not to make the trip out to the West Coast this year.

I also attended the Tribeca, Nantucket, and Philadelphia Film Festivals this year.  It was my 7th consecutive year attending Tribeca, first time to Nantucket, and my 12th consecutive year for Philly.  All three were a lot of fun.

I also got to participate in my first junket this year!  A few weeks ago I was invited up to New York City for a breakfast in honor of 'Argo', with Ben Affleck in attendance, as well as Tony Mendez, the former CIA agent he plays in the film, and Chris Terrio, the screenwriter.  This was a real treat to talk to these folks in a very casual and small environment, with only around 15 other critics in attendance.  After the breakfast I had the opportunity to interview Ben and Tony on camera.  I'll likely post that interview in the near future after 'Argo' gets nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

Anyhoo, if you regularly check in, you know I put my heart and soul into being a film critic and maintaining this blog.  If you like it, and you want me to continue providing totally free, ad-free, revenue-free movie reviews and content, then I would certainly appreciate if you'd tell your friends and help me get more followers.  To date, I've gotten 56,447 page views (and about 29,000 of them in 2012).  This is about 27.5% more page views than I got in 2011.  Over 20% of my hits come from outside the U.S. (The U.K., Germany, Russia, Canada, France, Australia, and Brazil are my top 7 outside of the U.S.) So that's not bad. But more would be nice.

I also encourage you to become a Twitter follower (@Fliederonfilm). Unlike most tweeters, I only tweet movie reviews and movie related commentary. You won't have to hear about the delicious cookie I just ate, or any other trivialities from my life. But you will get a 140 character or less movie review with a link to my full review.  And I don't overload you with tweets like a lot of tweeters.  So just click the button on the right hand side and you can set up a free Twitter account.

And finally I encourage you to 'Like' my Flieder on Film Facebook page.  It's the same content as my Twitter tweets, but you can never have too much social media, right?  So just click here and press 'Like'.  Couldn't be easier!

As always, thank you for reading. (Particular thanks go out to TMcGPhilly, CK, food-ie mike, Adam, and Taralyn for their regular comments, and of course Jeana Kim Renger, Kevin Tressler, and Pamela Erin for their continued enthusiasm.)   As always, I encourage and appreciate all feedback, positive and negative.

And now, let a new year of movies begin ...

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