Friday, January 11, 2013

Struck by Lightning

Let me first begin by saying, I'm not a 'Gleek'.  And similarly I'm not a Chris Colfer fan.  He strikes me as a Hollywood lottery winner, not unlike Anton Yelchin, who doesn't fully realize how ridiculously lucky he is.  (Though that's probably a bit harsh.  He actually does a decent job here.)  But needless to say this film which premiered last spring at the Tribeca Film Festival was not high on my list of must-see movies.  Yet it's only 84 minutes and available on Video on Demand, so I watched it for you, my loyal readers.  You're welcome.
In this quirky dramedy, Colfer plays a high school outcast with more than his share of problems.  He's been deserted by his dad.  His mom is an unstable alcoholic.  Oh yeah, and at the beginning of the film he's struck by lightning and killed.  Bummer, huh?  Told in flashback by Colfer, his only goal in life is to get out of town, go to Northwestern, and become a writer/editor for a literary publication.
While it's not a terrible film, and has an assortment of familiar faces (Allison Janney, Dermot Mulroney, Christina Hendricks, Angela Kinsey), it's also not a film to go out of your way for.  Frankly, it's a film written and starring a gay man (Colfer), directed by a gay man, featuring closeted gay men characters, and targeted to young gay men.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.
Grade: C+

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