Friday, January 18, 2013

The Last Stand

Well, he said he'd be back and he was right.  The 'Governator' returns to leading roles as a small town sheriff who must face off against a drug lord who escapes from custody and will do whatever it takes to get to Mexico.  And you can expect lots of explosions, car stunts, bloody shoot 'em ups, and of course, plenty of Arnold's one-liners.  Plus, there are many familiar faces including Forest Whitaker, Luis Guzman, Peter Stormare, and Johnny Knoxville. 
As a fan of all those pre-political Schwarzenegger classics, I was both curious and cautiously optimistic for Arnold's return.  I'm happy to report that he still has big screen presence.  Like Harrison Ford, age won't keep him from being an action star.  But, also like Ford, an inability to pick good scripts may.  Schwarzeneggar always shined best in sci-fi, and flailed about most as forgettable public service tough guys.  I'd love to see him in something as good as 'Total Recall' or 'Predator' again.  Unfortunately, the six upcoming films listed on his slate on IMDB don't thrill me, including a team up with Stallone, a fifth Terminator installment, and a sequel to Twins, adding Eddie Murphy as the third sibling.  #arnoldneedsanewagentstat
Grade: C+

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