Wednesday, February 20, 2013

85th Academy Awards Predictions

Well, we've made it through the Critics Choice, Golden Globes, People's Choice, SAG, BAFTA's, and lord knows how many regional critics' awards, so it's now time to concentrate on the most well known, most watched, and most prestigious.  And, as such, below are my obligatory Oscar predictions (that you'll also find on every other movie related blog, website, and publication). 

Also, if you live in the Orlando area, tune in to FOX 35 this Friday at around 8:45 AM, or if you live in the Philadelphia area, tune in to FOX 29 on Friday at 9:15 AM.  I'll be discussing my predictions live on Good Day in two cities back to back!  Call the kids and wake the neighbors!

Best PictureArgo  (But don't count out Lincoln.  And Silver Linings Playbook has a shot as well.  Sorry, but the other six nominees have virtually no chance.)

Best ActorDaniel Day-Lewis  (To pick anyone else would just be foolish.  Too bad for Joaquin Phoenix who really nailed his performance in The Master.)

Best Actress:  Jennifer Lawrence (This is a tough one.  It could also be Jessica Chastain.  Though I've got my fingers crossed for an upset with Naomi Watts taking home the statue.)

Best Supporting Actor:  Tommy Lee Jones  (This one's a really tough call.  It could be Jones, Robert DeNiro, or Christoph Waltz.  But in my opinion to give it to anyone other than Philip Seymour Hoffman will be a travesty.  Fingers crossed, PSH!)

Best Supporting Actress:  Anne Hathaway  (Hathaway is a pretty safe bet, though Sally Field has been campaigning pretty, pretty hard.)

Best Animated Feature:  Brave  (Put your money on Brave, but it could be Wreck-It Ralph.)

Best Director:  Steven Spielberg   (People love Spielberg, but it could also go to David O'Russell as well.  I'm pretty sure it won't be Ben Affleck.  Sorry Ben.  Too soon?)

Best Adapted Screenplay:  Argo  (Though it could easily be Lincoln or Silver Linings Playbook)

Best Original Screenplay:  Django Unchained (This will be compensation for Tarantino not getting a nod for Director)

Best Foreign Language Film:  Amour  (No question.)

Best Doc Feature:  Searching for Sugar Man  (It's easily the most well received of the lot.)

Best Original Score:  Lincoln  (Though Life of Pi is a contender)

Best Original Song:  Skyfall   (Cool song.  But this is Les Mis' chance for some love in the category it most belongs.)

Best Visual Effects:  Life of Pi

Best Cinematography:  Life of Pi

Best Costume Design:  Anna Karenina

Best Production Design:  Anna Karenina

Best Film Editing:  Argo

Best Sound Editing:  Skyfall

Best Sound Mixing:  Les Miserables

Best Makeup:   Les Miserables

Best Animated Short: Paperman   (Though Maggie Simpson in The Longest Daycare is better.)

Best Live Action Short: Curfew   (The little girl's dance sequence is too charming not to win.)

Best Doc Short:  Inocente  (Honestly, I really have no idea.  I haven't seen these.  But this seems to be the consensus on the internet.)

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  1. Good recap Bri. I agree on Best Picture and Actor. Actress will probably go to J.Lawrence although E.Riva has been gaining momentum as of late. The best performance was from N.Watts. Sup Actress no contest with Hatahway although I would vote for Hunt. Sup. Actor is up in the air, if I was betting I would go with DeNiro. For Orig. Screenplay I am rooting for Django, though they might give it to Amour. I wasn't a fan of Brave so I'm pulling for Wreck-It Ralph in Animation. No contest in the foreign language category but I will be pulling for A Royal Affair. For Best Doc. I enjoyed Sugar Man and The Invisible War so I am ok with either of those winning. And we surprisingly agree on the shorts. I liked M.Simpson slightly better than Paperman. The clear winner in Live Action is Curfew although the last minute of Asad was good.