Friday, February 8, 2013

John Dies at the End

Holy crap, this is one weird ass movie!  Of course, I expected that to some degree, since it played both the Park City at Midnight category at Sundance and the Midnight Madness category at Toronto.  And this is truly a film for the Midnight crowd.  But, holy crap, it is one weird ass movie!  I struggle to even give you a synopsis.  I know there are creatures and alternate realities and life after death and Paul Giamatti.  And I'm pretty sure it would be better to see it high (for those of you who partake in that sort of thing.)  But since I was stone cold sober, I don't know what the f--- it's about.  Of course, I do love quirky movies that are outside the box, but this one's WAY too far outside the box.  I'm not convinced there's deeper meaning that went over my head.  I think it's just one random scene after another that give you the idea that there's deeper meaning, when in fact there isn't.  And it's a bit too long and could have used a few less of those random scenes.  But, despite all that I didn't hate it.  I don't think.  I'm not sure.

Grade: C-

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