Thursday, February 14, 2013

Safe Haven

Nicholas Sparks' latest chick-lit romance thriller adapted to the big screen stars Julianne Hough ('Dancing with the Stars') as a woman on the run and laying low in small town North Carolina.  There she meets Josh Duhamel (TV's 'Las Vegas') and Cobie Smulders ('How I Met Your Mother') and begins to make a new life for herself, at least until a determined policeman (played by 'Revolution's David Lyons) tracks her down.

First, and most important, if anyone reading this knows of a small town with this many ridiculously beautiful people, please tell me.  I will move there immediately.  (That is, if they even let me cross the beautiful border.)  Of course, this isn't anything new to fans of Sparks.  He has a formula that works for him and he never seems to stray too far.  For me, this was pretty much a Vietnam-style flashback to last year's 'The Lucky One'.  It's adequate shmoopie entertainment for the love-obsessed ladies, but with its all-TV ensemble cast, it really doesn't belong on the big screen.  They should really make these for Lifetime and save us film critics (and all you accompanying husbands and boyfriends) from having to spend an evening at the theater.  Help a brother out, Nick.

Grade: C-

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