Friday, February 1, 2013

Warm Bodies

Who, except for maybe the undead themselves, isn't zombie'd out at this point?  I sure am.  We've seen zombie horrors, zombie comedies, slow zombies, fast zombies, and even a zombie TV show.  What's left?  Well, how about a zombie romance?  Hmmm, OK, that sounds kinda fresh.  But can it work?  No, of course not. 

In fact, this Zom-Com isn't romantic or funny.  And not one of the charisma-free twenty-something ensemble cast, including Nicholas Hoult, Theresa Palmer, Dave Franco, and Analeigh Tipton provides even a single memorable moment or reason to see this disaster.  And with Kristen Stewart-doppelganger Palmer cast in the lead, you can be sure this is intended to be the zombie film for the 'Twilight' crowd.  And they can have it.  I'll wait for 'When Harry Met Zombie' where Billy Crystal tries to prove that men and zombies can never be friends.

Grade: D


  1. I'm sure you'll enjoy this --
    Watch at home and turn the sound up

  2. The director was on an upswing with The Wackness and 50/50, but he ruined his momentum with this offering

    1. I couldn't agree more. Though I guess I should give him some credit for variety!