Friday, March 1, 2013

In Theaters Now

(new releases are in green):

The Impossible     Grade: A

Django Unchained     Grade: A

Zero Dark Thirty     Grade: A

56 Up     Grade: A

Argo     Grade: A

Side Effects     Grade: A-

Silver Linings Playbook     Grade: A-

Les Miserables     Grade: B+

21 & Over    Grade: B+

Snitch     Grade: B+

Amour     Grade: B+

Lincoln     Grade: B

Quartet     Grade: B

Life of Pi     Grade: B

Beautiful Creatures     Grade: B

Identity Thief     Grade: B-

Jack the Giant Slayer    Grade: B-

Beasts of the Southern Wild     Grade: C+

Mama     Grade: C

Safe Haven     Grade: C-

A Good Day to Die Hard     Grade: C-

The Gatekeepers   Grade: D

Warm Bodies     Grade: D

Phantom    Grade: D

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III   (VOD)     Grade: F

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