Friday, March 22, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen

'Olympus Has Fallen' (a.k.a. 'Die Hard while Under Siege in the White House') features Gerard Butler as the 'John McClane' character, a former-Secret Service agent who must stand alone against a band of North Korean terrorists to defend the President, the White House, and the United States.  (All that's missing is the white undershirt and the 'Yippee Kai Yay'.)  The all star supporting cast includes Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, Dylan McDermott, Melissa Leo, Ashley Judd, and Robert Forster.

Like most action films, 'Olympus' has its pluses and minuses.  On one hand, it's got a great cast, a few great action scenes, and allows you to turn off your brain and just enjoy the ride.  On the other, it's really just a concatenation of every 'Die Hard' rip-off we've seen (whether they star Bruce Willis, Harrison Ford, Steven Seagal, or Wesley Snipes).  And worse, the lead villain isn't memorable at all, which is key in any 'Die Hard'-esque film.  At best, it's a guilty pleasure that's at least better than 'A Good Day to Die Hard', but not as good as its predecessors.

Grade: B-

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