Friday, May 10, 2013


I'm not sure what's harder to believe; that the guy who plays Darryl on 'The Office' has a leading man role in a film, or that Kerry Washington would ever seriously date him?  Puh-lease.

Craig Robinson plays a working class man who wants to propose to his girlfriend in Tyler Perry's latest presentation.  But he's never even met her upper class family, so he pays them a surprise visit at their vacation house in the Hamptons and finds himself a fish out of water.  Of course, her family isn't all that they seem.  Each member is hiding a secret of their own.

The premise actually sounds even better than it is.  Sadly I didn't laugh once during this 'comedy'.  It's not completely unlikeable, but it's just not at all funny.  Your time is better spent with other good peeples.

Grade: C-

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