Saturday, July 20, 2013

Girl Most Likely

No one wants Kristen Wiig to succeed more than I do.  She just lights up the screen and has everything it takes to be the next Jennifer Aniston rom-com queen.  And ever since she made the leap from supporting to lead in 'Bridesmaids' I predicted her to fill those shoes.  But she hasn't quite made it yet.  Hopefully this film will showcase her potential to do so, even though it doesn't reach its own potential.

Wiig plays a New York socialite whose boyfriend breaks up with her, causing a chain reaction that destroys every aspect of her life, forcing her to temporarily move back in with her estranged mom, played by Annette Bening, and brother in Ocean City.  Wiig is at her best here as the sympathetic broken hearted underdog, and the rest of the cast including Matt Dillon, all play their parts well.  Unfortunately the thing this 'comedy' is lacking is the ... umm ... comedy.  It's not quite a comedy and not quite a drama.  It's not quite charming, and yet not completely lacking in likeability.  In the hands of better directors it could have been something great.  As it stands, it's only kinda sorta good.  The upcoming Woody Allen film 'Blue Jasmine', with a similar premise, is much better.

Grade: B

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  1. Watched this a few weeks ago. I think you summed it up great. Not quite charming but not unlikeable. Not quite drama and not quite comedy. It's like it couldn't figure out what it should be and just did everything. It was fairly entertaining. I don't regret watching it.