Monday, July 1, 2013

Nantucket Film Festival 2013

I just got back from my second Nantucket Film Festival, and once again enjoyed it very much.  I saw some great films, some amazing panels with filmmakers and celebrities, and made some new friends.  I haven't had a chance to write up reviews, but below are my grades for the 20 films I saw, many of which will be coming to theaters in limited release in the not too distant future.  I'll review them in more detail when they do become available to you. 

*  Please note that for most of my days at the festival I saw five movies and two panels.  These are long (but really fun) days.  To be fair, certain movies require a better and clearer state of mind to appreciate than seeing them at the end of a long day of film watching.  So I do intend to see a few of these again (incl. Ain't Them Bodies Saints, Running from Crazy, and Wadjda) which have all gotten good buzz from other festivals, when they are released and I will adjust my grades as needed.

The Short Game   A+
In a World...   A
The Spectacular Now   A
Some Girl(s)   A
20 Feet from Stardom   A-
Blackfish    A-
Life According to Sam   A-
The Hunt   A-
Running from Crazy   B+  *
Austenland   B+
A.C.O.D.   B
Fruitvale Station   B
Pasadena  (a.k.a. Cold Turkey)   B
Touchy Feely   B
Drinking Buddies   B-
C.O.G.   B-
Crystal Fairy   B-
Ain't Them Bodies Saints   C+  *
Wadjda   C  *
Maidentrip   C-

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