Saturday, July 13, 2013

Some Girl(s)

Most people don't know playwright and film writer/director Neil LaBute by name.  And of those that do, feelings towards him tend to be polarized.  When I saw his first film 'In the Company of Men' in 1997 featuring Aaron Eckhart, I found it to be extraordinarily mean spirited and suspected him to be a chauvinistic misogynist.  Though over time I have come to realize that I was completely wrong.  He's actually just a brilliant writer and a keen observer of human behavior.  His work almost always revolves around men and women being cruel to each other.  And while often exaggerated, it always feels completely honest and provides thought provoking commentary on the battle of the sexes.  I particularly enjoy his films 'The Shape of Things', 'Your Friends and Neighbors', and 'Some Velvet Morning' (which debuted this year at the Tribeca Film Festival but has no theatrical or VOD date listed yet.)  And we can now add 'Some Girl(s)' to my list of favorites.

Adam Brody plays a love 'em and leave 'em heartthrob who decides to go on a tour of past lovers to try to explain to them why he did what he did.  And of course, many of them don't take kindly to the reunion and it doesn't go as smoothly as he planned.  It's an excellent movie for those of you who appreciate a great play, with each scene just featuring two actors talking to each other.  The performances are excellent and the dialogue is pitch perfect.  In other words, it's quintessential LaBute.

You can see 'Some Girl(s)' in some theaters but also at home on Vimeo on Demand for just $5.

Grade: A

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