Saturday, August 24, 2013

A Single Shot

The always great Sam Rockwell stars in this atmospheric and noticeably quiet noir drama as a poor blue collar man who accidentally kills a young woman while hunting deer, and then discovers a life changing amount of cash she has in her possession.  Of course this missing cash doesn't go unnoticed and someone is out to get it back at any cost.  An assortment of quirky and dangerous characters in town may be involved.  Rockwell is tremendous, despite the lack of dialogue. And the interesting supporting cast includes William H. Macy who's also great as a small town lawyer.  It's 'Winter's Bone' meets 'A Simple Plan' and it shows how far destitute men in backwoods America will go for money.  If you're into atmospheric noir dramas, choose this over 'Ain't Them Bodies Saints'

'A Single Shot' is now available, before it hits theaters, to watch at home on Video on Demand.

Grade: A-

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