Friday, August 30, 2013


Keri Russell plays a woman who can't find love, or at least the kind of romantic love you get in a Jane Austen novel or film.  So she decides to treat herself to a vacation at Austenland.  There she can play out her fantasy of being a part of Jane Austen's world and meet her pretend 'Mr. Darcy'.  Basically it's baseball fantasy camp for romance novel obsessed girls.

This is a chick flick for sure.  It's targeted for women, and features a female driven cast, including the zany Jennifer Coolidge and Jane Seymour.  But it's a chick flick that can be enjoyed by men as well.  It's a cute, likeable, predictable, feel-good rom-com for folks who love Jane Austen's works and also those who don't get them.  And it's a good date night pick for the weekend (assuming you've already seen 'In a World...', that is.)

Grade: B+

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