Friday, August 16, 2013

In a World ...


Lake Bell wrote, directed, and stars in this utterly charming comedy about the niche career of movie trailer voiceovers.  Bell plays the daughter of one of the voiceover kings in Hollywood (perfectly cast by character actor and real life voiceover artist Fred Melamed.)  But she struggles to find her own voice in a world where men dominate the profession.  The supporting cast includes Melamed, Rob Corddry, Ken Marino, and Michaela Watkins, all giving the best performances of their careers.  But it's Bell who deserves most of the credit for this must see film.  Her premise is completely original and fresh (and it's hard to believe it's never been done before).  Her writing is delightful; There are lots of laughs, but they're not cheap like in all the crass comedies that dominate the multiplexes.  And Bell charms, seemingly effortlessly, in every scene she's in.  It's a chick flick that men will actually enjoy equally.  In fact, I've already seen it twice and it's just as enjoyable the second time.  In a world where most movies are stale, boring, or contrived, and either involve superheroes or the Apocalypse, this is easily a standout film that just makes you feel good.  It's one of the best of the year and Lake Bell is unquestionably one of the breakout stars of 2013 ... at least in my world.

Grade: A

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  1. Perfect movie title. I was wondering if it was about movie trailers...