Friday, August 16, 2013


Liam Hemsworth stars in this high tech corporate thriller as an ambitious 27 year old looking for a shortcut to get to the top of the corporate ladder.  Though he quickly finds himself a pawn in a chess game being played between two executive megalomaniacs, as played by Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman.

'Paranoia' seems to want to be the 'Wall Street' for a new tech/gadget obsessed generation.  But it doesn't even come close.  Hemsworth is no Charlie Sheen (pre or post tiger's blood).  And as much as I always enjoy Oldman's performances, neither he nor Ford are anywhere as larger than life as Michael Douglas' Gordon Gekko.  On a weekend when five other great films are opening, I can only give you two reasons to pick this one.  One:  You're a teen girl and your only interest is in seeing Hemsworth with his shirt off.  (This happens frequently.)  Two:  You live in Philadelphia and want to see such recognizable locations as The Comcast Center lobby and the Beasley Building at 12th and Walnut.  Other than that this is a pretty forgettable thriller that all too often just felt like cell phone product placement.  Take a pass.

Grade: C

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