Friday, August 30, 2013

Short Term 12

Brie Larson and John Gallagher Jr. play social workers who oversee emotionally disturbed youths with behavior issues in a short term housing facility.

This emotional drama received very strong word of mouth and won awards at multiple film festivals, and currently has a 98% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  And after two viewings (one on the big screen and one on the small) I now get why.  Unfortunately every year I blow it on at least one review and this was one where I blew it by only giving it a B+ after I saw it.  Blame it on me being tired.  Or perhaps it's just a movie that plays better on the small screen in a quiet environment.  But I really connected to it on my second viewing, and can really see why Brie Larson's performance has such a strong critic following.  She gives a subtle but amazing performance.  And this will surely be a breakout year for her, as she is also in another indie darling this year, 'The Spectacular Now', and 'Don Jon' as well.  For other films of a similar emotional level, check out 'It's Kind of a Funny Story' and 'Smashed'.

Grade: A

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