Saturday, August 3, 2013

Still Mine

American treasure James Cromwell, known for all his great supporting character acting work, really gets a chance to shine in the lead as a loving husband to his ailing wife who is slowly losing her memory and her ability to live at home on their farm in their multi-story house.  So at the age of 87 he sets out to single handedly build a smaller single story home on their estate, but runs into unexpected regulatory troubles. 

At a time when every movie strives to be bigger and louder than the last, 'Still Mine' is a sweet, quiet, low budget, well acted, true romance that dares to focus on the subject that no one wants to discuss: death.  And it also inspires, as Cromwell remains determined to finish what he started to honor a loved one.  In that respect it reminds me of 'The Way', another wonderful film that should be on your must see list.  The entire cast is good, and kudos to Campbell Scott for popping up in a small supporting role for a film he obviously did for love rather than a pay check.  Best of all, Cromwell gets the opportunity to showcase what he does best as a true actor in a rare leading role.  And since over the last few weeks we lost both Dennis Farina and Eileen Brennan, I'm grateful that this film got made before it's too late for 73 year old Cromwell.  Of his 164 acting credits listed on IMDB, this is certainly one of his best.

Grade: A

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