Friday, August 23, 2013

You're Next

Let me start out by admitting that I'm not a fan of home invasion films for several reasons.  For one, I don't like the idea of giving crazy people even more crazy ideas than they already have.  And second, one's home is sacred, and I certainly like to believe I'm safe in mine.  (So if you're planning on chopping me up with an axe, please do so outside my home, thank you very much.)  And third, home invasion films are pretty much all the same.  They really only vary in the degree of violence, gore, and disturbing material.  Personally I don't particularly like a whole lot of violence, gore, and disturbing material.  And this particular home invasion film is ultra violent, with a lot of gore, and a whole heck of a lot of disturbing material. 

The premise here is a family gathering in a big house in the woods out in the middle of nowhere.  Unfortunately the gathering is interrupted by a group of invaders all wearing creepy masks (like the one on the poster.)  And of course, rest assured, this film comes equipped with boobs, sex, attractive women, and one hot chick in particular who really knows how to kick some ass.  In other words, college boys and midnight film fans are gonna love it.  I, however, am slightly older than college age and often in bed by midnight, so these types of films aren't for me.  And personally I preferred 'The Purge', because at least the premise was really interesting, even if the execution wasn't.

Grade: C

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  1. I am a midnight film fan and think I am still of college age, haha, B+ for me and a B for The Purge