Monday, September 9, 2013


Naomi Watts and Robin Wright play two lifelong BFF's living in paradise on the coast of Australia, where they enjoy spending their days lying on the beach and watching their adonis-like offspring surf.  Of course within 5 minutes anyone with eyes can see where this taboo Australian drama is going.  You don't know exactly who is going to have sex with whom, but you know it's coming and you know it will be inappropriate.  Perhaps the film is supposed to be a fantasy, titillating in all of its forbidden fruit ways?  Or maybe it's a cautionary tale?  I'm not sure.  But it's all too contrived and unrealistic to really work on either level.  None of the relationships feel real, particularly those of the mother-son pairings.  Though I suppose one could do worse than spend two hours watching beautiful people have sex in paradise and then deal with the consequences.

'Adore' is now in limited release in theaters and also available at home on Video on Demand.

Grade: C+

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