Friday, September 27, 2013


I see a lot of movies every year.  A lot.  And I don't always see them in the optimal state of mind.  I see them when they are screened for me, regardless if it's been a long day and I'm tired.  And that's my only excuse for my original (poor) review of this film (below).  Fortunately I get sent screener DVD's this time of year and had the opportunity to revisit the film which has received great reviews from audiences and critics alike, and saw the error of my ways.  It's a great story, with a great rivalry of two very different men who both want to become champion for very different reasons.  And yes, even the acting is quite good by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl.  I surely blew it on this one. 

Revised Grade: A-

Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl play race car rivals from the 1970's.  In many ways, they were very different people, but they shared one common goal: To become champion.

My first gut feeling when I heard about this film was, why would I want to see a movie starring Chris Hemsworth about race car driving?  Hemsworth somehow managed to make a Norse god seem boring.  And personally I just never understood the allure of the whole NASCAR thing.  (But that's just my opinion.)  But then I kept hearing festival buzz and a whole lot of positive reviews which made me adjust my expectations a bit.  Plus, it's directed by Ron Howard, and that guy knows filmmaking.  So maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised here?  But, you know, sometimes your first gut feeling is right on the money.  'Rush' is anything but.  Frankly, I had trouble staying awake for it.  I didn't find the characters, or the actors playing them, engaging enough to hold my interest.  I don't see what all the other critics are loving about it.  The only compliment I can offer is to Ron Howard who constantly moves from genre to genre, consistently reinventing his style.  But in my opinion, this once consistently reliable director has made his second misfire in a row.  (Who remembers 2011's 'The Dilemma'?  I sure do.)  Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong on this one.  As always, I welcome your comments.

Grade: C

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