Saturday, September 7, 2013

The Lifeguard

People who know me know I love Kristen Bell.  I always have.  But really, how can you not?  Besides being stunningly beautiful, she's just endlessly watchable in any genre.  But all too often her unmatched charisma is wasted in so-so rom-coms targeted to the mainstream audience.  So it's great to see her stretch in an honest and non-glamorous role in this festival/indie drama.

Bell plays a former valedictorian who's approaching 30 and is saddened that her life hasn't turned out like she planned.  So she decides to move back in with her parents and regroup with her high school pals to get back to basics and rediscover herself.  This is not ground-breaking material.  Frankly, Bell's storyline was more believable in the similarly themed 'Hello I Must Be Going'.  But this one digs deeper into the supporting cast and all their problems.  It's well made, honestly portrayed (even for relationships that seem too unlikely) and it's engaging.  Bell lovers and those who dig the Sundance fare should be sure to catch it.  And best of all, you can do so at home on VOD.

Grade: B+

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