Friday, October 25, 2013

All is Lost

I love this time of year when all the Oscar bait films are released and buzz is all around us.  Of course some of these films live up to their expectations and reputations, and others are all wet.  This one, quite literally, falls in the latter category.

Robert Redford is the old man in the sea, doing everything he can think to keep his damaged boat from sinking.  And that's the movie.  This is literally one man vs. nature.  It's being compared to films like 'Life of Pi', 'Gravity', and 'Cast Away', and rightly so on all counts.  Except in all of those cases, there was someone or something for the protagonist to talk to and act against (whether it be a tiger, George Clooney, or a volleyball named Wilson, respectively.)  And that's what this film lacks.  There's virtually no dialogue.  So much so, that when a frustrated Redford finally lets out an aggravated F-bomb, it's truly one of few highlights of the movie.

'All is Lost' is a competently made film, with an aging legend showing us once again that he definitely still has big screen presence.  But, disappointingly, it's also severely boring.  After a while, the silence becomes deafening and tedious.  I like it in theory, but next time a filmmaker attempts a similar idea, he should make sure there's a volleyball on board.

Grade: C+

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