Friday, October 11, 2013

Captain Phillips

You know the Oscar race is in full steam when a Tom Hanks film hits theaters.  This year he has two, with this being the first released, and 'Saving Mr. Banks' scheduled for release in December.  Based on a true story from 2009, Hanks plays the titular character, the captain of a cargo ship sailing through dangerous territory off the coast of Africa.  He and his crew are put to the test when they come under attack from Somali pirates. 

The film is a bit slow to start, but once things heat up it hits its stride and it's a tense nail-biter right up to its climactic ending.  You can usually count on Hanks to bring something fresh to the screen and deliver a great performance, and he certainly does that here.  Is it Oscar worthy?  Absolutely.  The performances are tremendous and the film is excellent.

Grade: A

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  1. I love that the main pirate Barkhad Abdirahman just answered a casting call, even though he wasn't an actor and got the part, and what's more ad-libbed the line "Look at me, I'm the Captain now" that's Hollywood dream stuff!