Friday, October 18, 2013

Escape Plan

Don't you miss the good old days when a Stallone or Schwarzenegger movie was an event?  These are two of the best action stars of all time, and you could generally count on them for fun, clever action flicks.  Then Schwarzenegger had to go and get political and everything changed in the world of action, for the worse.  Too many of them forget that a buddy action film with a little bit of comedy and charm makes for a more fun experience.  Anyway, I'm happy to say this marks somewhat of a return to what I used to enjoy the classics of yesteryear.  At least they're headed in the right direction.

Stallone plays a man whose special set of skills allows him to break out of any man made prison.  This is how he makes his living, testing how secure these jails are.  But he's put to the ultimate test when he agrees to take on a secret prison in a secret location that houses special convicts.  This is a fun film with some interesting turns, albeit with a completely unbelievable premise.  But it's all about fun, and fun is what you get, especially with a cast that includes fun performances by Jim Caviezel and Vinnie Jones.

Bottom line:  Stallone and Schwarzenegger still got it.  And in the right vehicle they can still bring it. Personally I'd like to see many more Stallarzenegger films to come.  I just hope they know a good script when they see it.  (Don't talk to me about those 'Expendables' films. They're both absolutely unwatchable.)

Grade: B+

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