Friday, November 1, 2013


Naomi Watts isn't having a very good year, professionally.  And that's a shame because she's a great actress who clearly works hard at her craft.  She started 2013 with a small part in 'Movie 43', one of the worst reviewed bad taste comedies of all time.  (Though many A-listers somehow got suckered into appearing in that fiasco!)  A month later she was robbed of an Oscar for her amazing performance in last year's tsunami disaster film, 'The Impossible'.  She followed that up with the awkwardly taboo May-September vaguely incestuous sex drama 'Adore'.  And now she plays the infamous royal Princess, which certainly seems like an Oscar bait film on the surface, but instead it's just a painful bore.  Of course, this is in no way Watts' fault.  She's as good in this film as usual for her.  The problem is there's just not a movie to be made here.  It's a two hour tabloid cover story of Diana's secret love affair with an Indian heart surgeon.  Yet, the romance falls flat, the drama doesn't work, and her tragic death isn't even climactic.  In short, 'Diana' is dreadfully dull.

Grade: D

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