Friday, November 1, 2013

Ender's Game

It's gotten colder outside but apparently it's still summer at the box office with this introduction of a new big budget alien sci-fi franchise that should please all you popcorn movie enthusiasts of summer.

The world has already been attacked by aliens looking to colonize.   But humans were fortunate to be able to fend them off.  Now they must train the children to prepare for future attacks.  Harrison Ford plays the Colonel in charge who puts his faith in a young recruit nicknamed Ender to be our savior.  Sir Ben Kingsley and Viola Davis costar.

I've been critical of Ford's choices over the last 20 years, starring in one disappointing action/thriller after another, and not displaying any range in acting ability.  Well I can't say that he's expanded his range here, but this part fits nicely in his wheelhouse.  I just think sci-fi is a good genre for him (providing fond memories of 'Star Wars' to us all.)  More importantly, this is a fun new entry in the sci-fi genre and manages to succesfully differentiate itself from 'Independence Day' and all of its successors.  Like 'Pacific Rim', it's fun, and definitely one to see on the biggest, loudest screen you can find.

Grade: B+

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