Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Regular readers of my blog or viewers of my TV appearances know that I'm not generally a fan of animated films.  And I've learned that I'm not doing anyone a favor by sitting through them and rating them poorly, because if you like animated films you may well enjoy them even though I didn't.  Of course I make the exception to go see them if they're made by Disney or Pixar because to me, those are the best of their kind.  And if it's a musical, even better.  And 'Frozen' is just that: A Disney musical.  It reminds me of the animated Disney classics I loved as a child.  It's not quite in the same caliber, and I'd be lying if I told you I stayed awake through from start to finish.  (Yes, I had a brief nap in the middle.  But it was only a brief one and it had been a long day.)  Nevertheless, the music is exceptional.  The animation is good.  The story is decent.  And though I've only seen two other animated films this year ('Monsters U' which was decent and 'The Croods' which was terrible), this is my favorite of the three. 

Bottom line: If you liked 'Tangled' you'll like this.  Take the kids this weekend.

Grade: B+

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