Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I am always wary when a new Jason Statham film comes out (which is all too frequently.)  Statham started off his career in great Guy Ritchie British crime films like 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch', showing a lot of charisma and and a lot of potential.  But he has devolved to starring in sub-par action films with single word generic, non-descriptive titles like 'Safe', 'Blitz', 'Redemption', and now 'Homefront', and I seriously doubt if even Statham himself could tell them apart at this point.  I wrote a similar review earlier this year, but then had to eat a little crow when I found myself being entertained by 'Parker'.  I can admit it when it's better than expected.  But now we've reached a new low.  'Homefront' is an utterly terrible bore-fest from start to finish that raises several questions:  How did this script, with Jason Statham attached as the lead, attract a decent supporting cast including James Franco, Kate Bosworth, and Wynona Ryder?  And even more of a mystery: how did it get a theatrical release?  This one has Straight to Video on Demand written all over it.  And trust me, it's not even worth seeing at home on your most bored day, even if it were free.  That is unless you want to see Statham as a cliche ex-DEA tough guy repeatedly puffing out his chest and trying to stare down one thuggish tough guy after another, resulting in him reluctantly having to kick ass, over and over and over.  No thanks.

Oh, and for the record ... director Gary Fleder?  No relation.

Grade: F

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  1. I finally decided to watch Homefront the other day. I'm glad I read your review and didn't waste my money to see it on the Big Screen. I did enjoy it on Apple TV! : )