Friday, November 8, 2013

Kill Your Darlings

Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, Ben Foster, and Jack Huston, play Allen Ginsberg, Lucien Carr, William Burroughs, and Jack Kerouac, respectively; over-privileged students and budding beat poets and authors at Columbia in the early 1940's.  They drink, smoke, do drugs, listen to jazz, get into trouble, and struggle to find their inner voice.  But that description makes this movie sound kind of fun.  And it's not.  At all.  It's a big giant bore and artsy-fartsy in all the wrong ways.  It's all style and very little substance, as if Baz Luhrmann had directed 'Dead Poets Society' and replaced all the interesting characters with annoying ones you want to punch in the face.  Of course, that's just my opinion, and I'm not a beat poet, nor am I a fan.  I didn't enjoy 'Howl'.  I didn't enjoy 'On the Road'.  And now I didn't enjoy 'Kill Your Darlings'.  My apologies, to all my devoted beat poet / artist followers.

Grade: D

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