Friday, November 1, 2013

Let the Fire Burn

It's been a particularly good year for documentaries.  And continuing with that trend, we can add 'Let the Fire Burn' to your list of ones you should see.  It tells the story of the MOVE organization (i.e. cult) in Philadelphia between the mid 70's and mid 80's, and their conflicts with their neighbors and within the community that escalated to major incidents when the Mayor and police decided to take action.  Compiled from archive news and interview footage, it's a fascinating look back, whether you're extremely familiar with the story or not familiar at all.  I believe it presents both sides of the story fairly.  (Though, as I was fortunate to attend the lively panel at the Philadelphia Film Festival, I can tell you that both sides feel somewhat misrepresented.)  This is a very interesting and intense film from start to finish.

Grade: A-

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