Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

The Man in Burgundy is back.  And it's hard to believe it took this long considering the huge cult following the original has amassed over the last decade.  It's one of those movies that people generally either worship or don't get at all.  (And most of those who worship it probably do so while under the influence of something.  Just sayin'.)  Personally I never really understood the hype.  It's a good cast and has some laughs but it's just overrated, and not really my sense of humor.  I'm much more refined than that.  (Not really.  My favorite comedy of the year is 'This is the End' which certainly isn't anymore highbrow.)

Much like the first one, 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues' will likely polarize audiences.  For the most part those that loved the original will enjoy it, but probably agree that it's not quite as good.  And those that didn't get the first one certainly won't get this one either.  I fall somewhere in between.  There were an adequate amount of laughs and celebrity cameos to make my evening enjoyable.  But it was WAY too long, at 119 minutes.  And personally I think Hollywood gives Will Ferrell and writer/director Adam McKay way too much creative freedom.  I really think they would benefit by collaborating with someone with a different sense of humor to keep them in check and to balance out the gags that may only seem funny to them and to all their Hollywood sycophants.  Actually ... come to think of it ... I'm available!  Guys?  Guys??  I work cheap ...  Guys??? 

Grade: B-

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