Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Grudge Match

Who would have believed we'd ever see the day when Rocky vs. Raging Bull was greenlit, and both Robert DeNiro and Sylvester Stallone would sign on for it?  This had disaster written all over it from the first time we all heard of it.  But fortunately, the consensus seems to be that it's better than expected, and I agree.  It's nothing great, mind you.  But it's got more laughs than most of the comedies from this year, so you could do worse than see these two old timers with a 30 year grudge get back in shape and face off in the ring.  Though I will say I liked seeing DeNiro spar with Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman, and Kevin Kline better.  It's not a TKO, but 'Last Vegas' wins by decision.

Grade: B-

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