Friday, December 27, 2013

Most Overlooked, Overrated, Underrated, and Disappointing of 2013


Most Overlooked Films (even by critics) of 2013
  1. The Short Game       Grade: A+
  2. Blood       Grade: A
  3. Broken       Grade: A
  4. Some Velvet Morning      Grade: A
  5. The Sweeney       Grade: A
  6. A Single Shot       Grade: A-
  7. Koch       Grade: A-
  8. Deceptive Practice: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay       Grade: A-
  9. The Brass Teapot       Grade: A-
  10. Welcome to the Punch      Grade: B+

Most Overrated Films of 2013
(This is undoubtedly the list that will be met with the most outrage.  I welcome your criticism.)
  1. The Wind Rises       Grade: F
  2. The Croods      Grade: D
  3. Kill Your Darlings       Grade: D
  4. Wadjda       Grade: C-
  5. The Sapphires       Grade: C-
  6. All is Lost       Grade: C+
  7. Inside Llewyn Davis      Grade: C+
  8. Nebraska       Grade: B
  9. Fruitvale Station       Grade: B
  10. Her       Grade: B+
  11. Gravity      Grade: B+

Most Underrated Films of 2013
  1. About Time       Grade: A+
  2. The East       Grade: A
  3. Pain & Gain      Grade: A
  4. Trance       Grade: A
  5. The Call       Grade: A
  6. Side Effects       Grade: A
  7. Disconnect      Grade: A
  8. Broken City       Grade: A
  9. Kick-Ass 2      Grade: A
  10. Jobs      Grade: A

Most Disappointing (relative to expectations) of 2013
  1. Out of the Furnace       Grade: C+
  2. The Counselor       Grade: C
  3. John Dies at the End       Grade: C-
  4. Inside Llewyn Davis      Grade: C+
  5. Insidious Chapter 2       Grade: C+
  6. All is Lost       Grade: C+
  7. The Last Stand       Grade: C+
  8. A Good Day to Die Hard       Grade: C-
  9. The Wolverine       Grade: D
  10. Last Days on Mars       Grade: C+
  11. Movie 43       Grade: C-


  1. The reason they are overlooked by many is because they don't play in many cities. They are very limited releases. Unless you live in NY or LA you really have to search these out. People have to find them on VOD or wait a few months and catch them on DVD. We know about movies in the theaters because of previews, tv and print ads. Unless you are a hardcore movie addict you will not know about these. Its good that you have this type of list. I have seen 6 out of the 10 and I would recommend The Short Game and Koch.
    As far the overrated list goes, I disagree on Wadjda, The Sapphires and Nebraska. It takes a kind heart to enjoy these movies, haha.
    Side Effects has pretty positive ratings ( 84% on RT ) so maybe that shouldn't be in the Underrated catergory.
    Llewyn Davis was the most disappointing for me. As far as the rest I didn't have high expectations for them but I would've thought Out of the Furnace and The Counselor would've been better. What kind of expectations could you have had for a movie starring Arnold and J.Knoxville? That has C+ written all over it which is what you gave it. I liked it slighty better and gave it a B-

    1. Regarding Overlooked, I can't be the only film critic who pays attention to the straight-to-DVD. I just like to believe in the 'cream will rise to the top' philosophy but sadly, many great movies get overlooked every year.

      Wadjda, Sapphires, and Nebraska are all meh.

      I'm glad to hear you agree with me on Llewyn Davis. It's bizarre seeing it on so many Top 10 lists.

      I expected Arnold's first starring role after returning to acting to be better. Fortunately Escape Plan was more fun than The Last Stand. Predator 3 anyone?!?