Monday, December 30, 2013

Worst Films of 2013

And then there were those.  You know the ones I'm talking about.  Those movies you couldn't stand.  Those movies you felt like you should (and maybe actually did) walk out of even though you paid good money to see them.  Those movies that actually made you angry for wasting your time, particularly if all the reviews you read had been favorable.  Or hopefully those movies you avoided because you read my blog.  For me, this list contains Japanese anime (which I admittedly am biased against as I don't care for animation, and Japanese anime all looks like 'Speed Racer' to me), gratuitous violence, unbearably stupid 'comedy', low budget straight to VOD crap, and of course Jason Statham.  I apologize if one of your favorites is on here.  Errr .... wait ... no I don't!
  1. Wrong Cops      Grade: F
  2. La Maison de la Radio       Grade: F
  3. Homefront       Grade: F
  4. Hell Baby       Grade: F
  5. The Rambler       Grade: F
  6. Evil Dead      Grade: F
  7. A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III   Grade: F
  8. The Wind Rises      Grade: D-
  9. Storage 24       Grade: D-
  10. The Girls in the Band       Grade: D-
  11. 3 Geezers       Grade: D-
  12. The Act of Killing      Grade: D-
  13. A Band Called Death       Grade: D-
  14. Motel Life       Grade: D-
  15. 33 Postcards       Grade: D-
  16. At Any Price       Grade: D-
  17. Gimme the Loot       Grade: D-
  18. A Dark Truth       Grade: D-
  19. Diana       Grade: D
  20. The Croods      Grade: D
  21. Delivery Man       Grade: D
  22. Expecting     Grade: D
  23. Jewtopia      Grade: D
  24. Kill Your Darlings       Grade: D
  25. Revenge for Jolly!       Grade: D
  26. The Wolverine       Grade: D
  27. Jayne Mansfield's Car       Grade: D
  28. Frankenstein's Army       Grade: D
  29. Phantom       Grade: D
  30. Warm Bodies       Grade: D
  31. Stoker      Grade: D
  32. And Now a Word From Our Sponsor       Grade: D+
  33. Herblock: The Black & The White       Grade: D+
  34. Dealin' With Idiots       Grade: D+
  35. Haute Cuisine       Grade: C-
  36. Wadjda       Grade: C-
  37. Peeples      Grade: C-
  38. Harry Dean Stanton: Partly Fiction      Grade: C-
  39. Small Apartments      Grade: C-
  40. A Good Day to Die Hard       Grade: C-
  41. Safe Haven       Grade: C-
  42. John Dies at the End       Grade: C-
  43. ABC's of Death       Grade: C-
  44. V/H/S/2       Grade: C-
  45. When Comedy Went to School       Grade: C-
  46. Clear History       Grade: C-
  47. Movie 43       Grade: C-
  48. The Playroom       Grade: C-
  49. As Luck Would Have It       Grade: C-
  50. The Sapphires       Grade: C-

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