Saturday, January 11, 2014

Cold Comes the Night

Alice Eve and Bryan Cranston star in this paint-by-numbers straight to VOD thriller as a down-on-her-luck motel owner and a dangerous courier, respectively, whose lives intersect.  Eve sheds her British accent and trademark glamorous beauty to play the (still unrealistically) pretty yet disheveled mom, and Cranston plays his best stereotypically stoic and thick-accented Russian mobster, but neither one does anything to make this made-for-TV-esqe movie worth watching.

Grade: C

Who is this movie for?  Even the biggest of fans of Cranston in 'Breaking Bad' and Eve in 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' or 'She's Out of My League' need not waste their time.  Unfortunately neither one is worth it here.  Only those who prefer their thrillers completely predictable should invest the 78 minutes (+ a whopping 12 minutes of closing credits!)

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