Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Devil's Due

It's not even three weeks into January and we already have yet another documentary style, found footage, demonic possession horror film.  This one adds absolutely nothing new to the genre, and fans of the genre (if there are any who aren't as tired of it as I am) are better off sticking with the latest Paranormal Activity that came out two weeks ago.  And quite frankly, 20th Century Fox and writer Lindsay Devlin should be ashamed of themselves for releasing something so extremely derivative of so many other films.  'Devil's Due' clearly didn't deserve a theatrical release.  And not because it's bad.  It's fair.  But because we've all seen it a dozen times already.

As an aside, I'm frequently told I strongly resemble star Zach Gilford, best known for the TV show 'Friday Night Lights', which I've never seen before.  And now, having seen this film, I get it.  He's a better looking version of 32 year old me.  And watching his facial mannerisms freaked me out way more than anything in this uncreative and uninspired waste of time and money.

Grade: D

Who is this movie for?  Only those obsessed with seeing every single documentary style, found footage, demonic possession horror film need see it.  But really even they should probably save their time.

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