Wednesday, January 1, 2014

State of the Blog

I love the end of the year.  It's a chance to reflect upon all that I've done over the last 52 weeks.  And I've done a lot regarding all things Flieder on Film and Flieder's Flicks.  In fact, if you've ever wondered just exactly how big a freak I am (and I know you have), these statistics should answer that question:

I watched 476 movies in 2013.  139 of them I saw in the theater, excluding film festivals.  I saw an additional 74 in theaters at the Philadelphia, Tribeca, and Nantucket film festivals.  The remaining 263 I watched at home, comprised of new releases that premiered on Video on Demand and those I missed in the theater (111), as well as older titles I either never saw before (85) or movies I was revisiting (67).  In total, of the 476 I saw, 301 of them are 2013 releases, and you can see all of those ranked from A+ to F in my Rank of All Films Reviewed in 2013 blog post.  Please note that some of the films I saw at film festivals haven't been released theatrically or on VOD yet, so they will carry over into my 2014 list.  (It's more complicated than you think.)

I published 316 blog posts on here, where I wrote up a review for the vast majority of the 301 films I saw that were released in 2013.  And, of course, every week I post my 'In Theaters Now' summary, as well as my appearances on Good Day FOX 35 Orlando.  If you're on Facebook or Twitter, you should friend me, like my Flieder on Film Facebook page, and/or follow me on Twitter @FliederonFilm so that you get notified whenever I post something new.   No worries, I don't do selfies, pictures of my kids or pets (as I don't have any), or of what I'm eating for dinner!  I only post movie reviews and the occasional movie related content!  Please tell your friends.

I appeared on Good Day Orlando most every Friday, and I am very grateful to all at FOX 35 for still having me on after more than three years and around 140 appearances!  Amy Kaufeldt and John Brown are always so warm and gracious.  LuAnne and Ryan are also such a pleasure when they sub in.  (Michelle and Mike, I certainly haven't forgotten you even though you've moved on to other markets!)  Jeff, Vincent, Megan, and Melissa are so great to let me come on every week and say whatever I honestly think about whatever movies I think would make the best segment.  (Of course I haven't forgotten you Stephanie, even though you left me for Vegas.)  Art and Paulo are good friends who help with the segment for no other reason but to be good friends.  And of course, my buddy David Martin is a constant source of support and enthusiasm.  I wouldn't even be on if it weren't for him and former Orlando anchor Heidi Hatch (who is now in Salt Lake City), who offered me a try out three years ago after seeing a post about my blog on Facebook.  A big thank you to Heidi and David for giving an obsessed movie geek & actuary a try!  I am forever grateful to both of you and anyone else who might have been involved in giving me a chance.

I appeared on Good Day Philadelphia three times this year.  In February I offered my Oscar predictions (of which I humbly submit that I nailed 4 of the 5 major categories and 20 out of 24 in total.)  In April I paid tribute to the late Roger Ebert, the most famous film critic who ever lived, and an inspiration to all of us aspiring film critics.  And in August I discussed 'Paranoia' which was filmed on location in Philadelphia (though they never posted that segment online, so no link.)  I am grateful to all at FOX 29 for inviting me on occasionally, as well as letting me intrude on them and use their camera every Friday morning.  It's always a pleasure starting my Fridays with friends I've made there over the last three years (many of which have already moved on.)  Thank you Maryann, Jodi, Torrie, Berlinda, Kevin, Chris D., Kyle, Camillia, Tom, Meredith, Chris M., as well as a big thanks to regular contributors on the show Ken, Dr. Mike, Dr. Jen, Gary, past employees Pat, Kelley, John, Chuck and many others I know I'm forgetting.

I also need to thank all my friends at Allied-THA who invite me to all the advanced screenings.  Not only do they allow me to see movies in advance, with reserved seating, with a guest, and for free, but they're also a pleasure to see every week!  Thank you Jesse, Dave, Kate, Michael, Joe, Ann-Marie, Rachel, Zack, Maura, Steve, Lisa, Gary, Marissa, Matt, Clarissa, Ed, and everyone else who greets me and is always so friendly and makes me feel like a VIP when I'm so not.

I also want to thank the Broadcast Film Critics Association for letting me be one of less than 300 members and voters for the Critics Choice Movie Awards!  I still can't believe I'm in such an elite group.  I'll be attending the awards show on Thursday January 16th in Los Angeles and you should be sure to tune in to it on the CW network.  (I'll send out reminders as we get close.)  Ratings for the award show are very important to the BFCA so please tell your friends to watch (especially if they are Nielsen families!)  And you might even see me trying to make time with Jennifer Lawrence or Sandra Bullock!

Geez Louise, frankly it's crazy how many people I've gotten to know over the last few years!  And it takes a village to help me shine for a few minutes a week on TV.  I hope I do them all proud.

I also want to thank all my friends at the Philadelphia Film Society.  Sure, I'm a paying member so they have to be nice to me.  But they're always a pleasure to see, and they do such a great job of providing free screenings and fun film events for their members year round, fostering a film community in Philadelphia, and putting on the Philadelphia Film Festival.  It's one of my favorite events of the year, and if you're a film fan in Philadelphia and not yet a member, you really should be.  In fact, you're crazy not to be.  As a bonus, this year they restored and renovated the Roxy theater, which I'm really excited about because it will be a great place for film buffs in Philly to gather other than the Ritz theaters.  I am now even a founding member, so be sure to look for and sit in the Flieder on Film engraved chair when you go!  (Just, please take good care of it.  It is my only legacy.)  Thank you Andy, Pari, Alyssa, Mariah, Alex, and Rebecca!

I also want to say how grateful I am to have met such a nice group of fellow critics and film buffs, that I often see multiple times a week.  Going to all these movies is a much more pleasurable experience when you get to see so many friendly faces.  Thank you Tim, Scott M., Steve D, Don, Nathan, Justin, LeAnn, Paul, Mario, Eric, Piers, Cyndy, Mike R, Mike G and Elaine and their posse, Steve S, and many more that I know I'm leaving out.

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to thank you.  Yes, you and all the people that check out my blog, friend me on Facebook, like my Flieder on Film Facebook page, and follow me on Twitter @FliederonFilm.  I spend virtually all of my free time watching films, writing about them, and preparing to talk about them on TV.  So it's great to be able to share this with so many people, but even better when people tell me they enjoy it.  I always appreciate when people are enthusiastic about it, either in person, on my blog, on Facebook, or on Twitter.  In particular, thank you's need go to Trinh, Jeana, Adam, Lynne, Jen R, Jeff, John C, Ati, Joe, Daniela, Dana, Scott H, Justin, Mike G, Chris K, Lisa, TL, Alissa, Chris F, Leah, Maura, Matt, John M, Ryan, Frank, Cathy, Pat, Kevin, Celeste, Scott M., LeAnne, Betsy, Mario, Kim L, Wendy, Liz, Gino, and Ronica for your extra efforts!  It is much appreciated!  (I do hope I didn't forget anyone, though I'm sure I probably did!)

As many of you know, but some of you may not, I don't make any money as a film critic.  Zero.  Zip.  Bupkis.  Nada.  I do this in my free time because I love it, but also because hopefully you do too.  So if you do enjoy what I provide, all I ask is that you make a real effort to tell your friends.  Please forward my website, share my Facebook posts, and retweet my tweets as often as you can.  My page views on here are at about 91,600 to date, with over 35,000 of them from this year.  That's up around 21% over last year, which is great, but I still need all the help I can get.  I spend most of my free time watching and reviewing films, but marketing, self promotion, and web design are not my strong suit.  And if you know anyone in the news business, anywhere in the country, please let them know that I would be happy to consider doing their show via satellite, in addition to Good Day Orlando.

Well that about wraps it up.  Enough self promotion, gratitude, and soliciting!  (I'm even making myself sick already.)  I hereby declare 2013 dead to me.  And now, let a new year of movies begin ...

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